Tips for Building Trust on Instagram and Increasing Followers

Instagram is one the leading social network platforms in the world that has many users. The target customers of many fields of business may be found on Instagram. The target audience of an Internet Business are actually the Followers that have the potential of becoming actual customers. The first step towards converting Followers to customers after attracting them is Building Trust on Instagram; meaning that if you manage to gain the trust of your Followers, there will be a high chance of them purchasing your internet business products or services. Building Trust on Instagram includes a number of steps which we intend on fully addressing in this article.

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Increasing the Number of Followers on Instagram

The first step towards Building Trust on Instagram is having Targeted Instagram Followers. Increasing the number of Followers on Instagram depends on various factors; the most important of which is generating practical and unique content. The reason why users follow you is the presence of useful and practical content on your Instagram Page. We have discussed the most important way of attracting Real Followers on Instagram in the article entitled Fake Instagram Followers and I suggest that you read it. We are not pursuing the Methods of Increasing the Number of Followers on Instagram in this article but rather, our focus will be on the issue of Building Trust on Instagram.

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Building Trust on Instagram

There are countless Internet Businesses on Instagram and their primary aim is Making a Profit Through Instagram! Some businesses actually use Instagram as a very powerful marketing channel in order to advertise and market their products or services. This being the case, the issue of Building Trust on Instagram is considered highly significant. The more you are able to gain the trust of users; the easier it will get for you to make a profit through Instagram. Building Trust on Instagram includes a number of important issues:

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  1. Branding the Internet Business in Social Networks

A Brand is actually the identity of an Internet Business! The more well-known your brand gets amongst users, the easier it will be for them to trust you; for instance, when speaking of the Apple or Samsung brands, users never doubt the quality or services of these two brands and if there are alternative choices and a Samsung brand is amongst a number of unknown brands, you are most probably going to choose the Samsung brand. Two very important factors help Branding in social networks:

  • The Content Shared on the Business Page
  • Advertisements

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The first item may take a little longer to master, but in the long run, it helps Branding a lot. Advertising leads to quick results, but your internet business must have the required infrastructure to support users; for instance, if you have services or products to offer and you want to promote them, you must consider that if your product gets over 1000 pre-orders, do you have the necessary requirements to support that number of customers? If you can support them all, your brand will be well-respected and trusted amongst tens of thousands of users! Because the 1000 satisfied customers will suggest your products or services to their friends and others and this will ultimately boost the number of your customers. On the other hand, if you are unable to handle this number of customers and meet their demands, users will lose trust in your products or services and rebuilding the lost trust will be extremely difficult. The matter of making a profit through Instagram is highly enjoyable but it must be fully planned.

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  1. Providing Service Guarantees on Instagram

If you use Instagram as a channel on which you promote and market your products, provide your users with guarantees and reassure them regarding your products or services! If you own a start-up business, it is difficult for users to make a decision in order to purchase a product or service from you because they are not sure about the quality of your services or products and many users will not submit their order. Providing guaranteed services to users has a great impact on their ordering tendencies; for instance, giving them the reassurance of providing a refund! If you are confident about your services or products, ensure your customers that they will be given an unconditional refund in case they are not satisfied. You must also reassure them of providing adequate support! Many products of services do NOT have a physical nature; for instance, on websites that provide Instagram Robot (Bots), you can reassure users that you will get to them in the shortest time possible in case they are faced with a problem.

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  1. Generate Valuable and Practical Content!

On Instagram, once users visit a profile page, the first thing they seek after seeing the number of page Followers is the Content Provided on that page! If the shared content is useful, valuable or entertaining, users will follow the page, but if the content of the page is not of interest to them, there is less chance of an increase in the number of Followers for that page. Of course, the content quality of your page is more important in the future than it is now! Suppose your users are already following you, but then they notice a decrease in the quality of the content shared on your page; meaning that your page content gets a little dull after a while. This being the case, many users will unfollow your page. So if you are planning on administrating a new Instagram page, make sure you have a strategy for creating quality content from the get go and provide users with professional content.

  1. Providing Users with FREE Educational Content


Providing users with educational and practical content is very valuable! Provide educational content to your users on your Instagram page; educational content means content that users learn from and make use of. If you have a specific physical product for sale, post how it is meant to be used or how it works accompanied by photos or videos on your Instagram page. This method is also suitable for businesses that have a digital product or service to offer. If you have a non-physical product or service to offer, post a video featuring the product or service on Instagram and address its impact on the lives of users. For instance, if you have generated and recorded a digital product regarding increasing the number of Followers on Instagram, share a part of the recording that users will find useful on your Instagram page; if the shared part of the product is useful, users are likely to purchase the full package and if the quality of the product is high, it will aid in Building Trust on Instagram.

  1. Displaying Products in a Real Environment

If your Internet Business is about selling physical products, share real photos in real environments! For instance, if you are a clothing retailer, use a real model for photography instead of a mannequin; in fact, the model is to wear the clothing and then you can take shots in a completely natural space such as your boutique or workplace yard. This helps a lot in Building Trust amongst users on Instagram.


  1. Share your Customers’ Comments and Opinions about your Products or Services!

Users tend to trust what other customers say about a product or service more than what the business itself claims! Because this being the case, other customers that have actually used the product or service presented by your business provide their Real Opinions about it. If users notice that other users are satisfied with that product, they are more likely to purchase your product or service too. You can easily help build trust on Instagram with this approach. Your sales rates will ultimately grow too once users gain confidence in what you have to offer.

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  1. Share Photos or Videos from Behind the Scenes of your Business!

The more transparent your business is to users and customers, the easier it is for them to trust you. If you are intending on making a profit through Instagram, make your business performance transparent to users. One way of making services transparent to users is to share valuable images or videos of your Internet Business staff members. For instance, take pictures of your employees when they are active at the workplace and share them on your Instagram page. Also, organize celebrations on different occasions such as staff birthdays and take photos or videos; sharing such photos and videos will make users feel better about you and your business and Building Trust on Instagram becomes easier to accomplish.


By following these 7 tips, you can easily gain the trust of users on Instagram and experience an increased amount of profit. Of course, some businesses make direct profits through Instagram and many others use Instagram as a powerful Marketing Channel to promote the sales rates of their businesses.


Increasing the rate of Internet Business sales is one of the most important and valuable issues for all businesses, and Building Trust on Instagram is one of the best ways of increasing the number of customers and ultimately, the sales rates of Internet Business products or services. In this article, we addressed a number of useful approaches towards Building Trust on Instagram that can greatly boost your business sales rates.

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