Best Time to Post on Instagram

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According to experiments performed, some pages that have lower quality content than other pages, They have more engagement!

The reason for this is just the right and best time to publish a post on Instagram.
In fact, such pages know the best time to post on Instagram and at the same time as more users are working, they start publishing posts.
But how do you know when is the best time to post on Instagram? In this article, we are going to review the best time to publish a post on Instagram so that you can have the most interaction and engagement.

The best time to post on Instagram

Users work on Instagram for a variety of reasons, but most of them use Instagram as a hobby to fill their free time.

That’s why some of those who have more free time are more active and those who are busy are less active on Instagram!

But in general, all users are active on Instagram, and the number of active users on some days and hours is higher than other hours.

According to Instagram, some users are more active for a few hours, which can be used to identify the best time to post on Instagram.

Before we get into Instagram reports, we need to look at some of the most important issues that affect your business at the best time to post on Instagram.

 the best time to post on Instagram

Important factors for businesses to identify the best time to publish a post on Instagram

Every business needs to consider different things in order to increase its sales; Wrong decisions can’t help increase a business’s sales, and if people don’t follow them, their online business may fail.

Here are some key pointers in moving your Instagram account forward:

1- Identify customer personalities on Instagram pages

How well do you know your online business page audience and what features do you know about them?

In order to be able to have a good strategy for posting time on Instagram, you must first identify the characteristics of your audience.

In fact, it is the various features of users that help you publish your post at the right time to get the most out of it.

Customer persona means identifying users’ personalities and knowing:

  • What does your audience want from your Instagram page?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What hours and days are you most active?

All of this affects the best time to post on Instagram!

So you need to know your customers and publish your posts based on that.

2- Identify the time and geographical area of ​​Instagram followers

Different pages on Instagram have different audiences, and page management should be based on the audience.

One of the most important issues in identifying the best time to publish a post on Instagram is identifying users’ time and geographic area.

You need to know what country your audience is from and what their time zone is! For example, if your users are in a country like Canada, their time of day and night is different from German, and you should not publish that post based on German time.

The lowest number of users is active at 5 am and you should not post at such an hour!

checkmarkThe reason for this is that if you publish a post at this time, your post will be lower than other pages that your users have followed!

Of course, the new Instagram algorithm displays posts based on how much users are interested in the screen, but still publishing a post is not ineffective in increasing user interaction.


3-Number of daily Instagram posts

If you’re familiar with your customers’ persona, now is the time to move on to content strategy!

If you have a content strategy, is it clear how many posts you want to publish daily?

If you only post one post a day, just finding the best time to post on Instagram is enough!

But if you publish several posts a day, you have to find different hours to get the best feedback; Note that if you are planning to publish 5 posts a day, you should not publish them one after the other!

This greatly reduces user feedback and interaction, and the interaction in the last published post may be zero!

So identify the best user activity times and publish your 5 posts 5 times.

identifying users' time and geographic area.

4- Pay attention to time of  publish suitable posts for specific times

Some posts are only for publication at a specific time, and if you publish them at a time other than the time allotted to them, you will get very low feedback.

If you have a page for a cafe that serves breakfast and you want to publish a photo of a great breakfast, the best time is in the morning!

If you publish this post in the afternoon, users will definitely not pay attention to it, but if you publish it in the morning, your users will definitely have the best interaction.

5- Pay attention to the expiration date of specific content!

Some posts are about your business and you want to promote your services; Such posts do not have an expiration date and you can publish them at times when your users are more active!

But some posts are appropriate for specific times; For example, summer posts should be published in the same season, and publishing a picture of hot summer days by the beach in the cold seasons of the year is not right at all!

If you are planning to publish such posts, you should not let the expiration date expire and publish it as soon as possible.

Publishing posts that have expired will not only not give you good feedback and interaction, but may also damage the credibility of your page.

time publish posts

By recognizing above factors, you can more easily identify the best time to publish a post on Instagram and better formulate your Instagram content strategy.

In the following, we will review the best time to publish a post on Instagram in terms of research sites so that you can have a general statistic; Of course, keep in mind that this is a general statistic, and to get more accurate information, you need to analyze your site using different tools.

The perfect time to post on Instagram

Research conducted by large companies in the world provides various and, of course, interesting statistics, some of which are completely contrary to the imagination of users. In this section, we’ll look at some of the days and hours in which users are most active.

  • post on Instagram at 7 to 9 in the morning.

smart iconThis is the time when users wake up and get ready to go to work, university, and so on. Early in the morning, many Instagram users check themselves very quickly and, if they see a good event in it, put it on their daily schedule.

If the audience on your page is an employee or student, they are usually checking their Instagram at this time, and your chances of seeing your post at this time are very high.

For example, if you have a breakfast cafe that you want to publish breakfast pictures served in the cafe, this is a great time! Because users are watching your posts and may decide to go to a café instead of having breakfast at home or work and enjoy their breakfast.

If only a few users become customers daily, you will earn a lot of money through these few users at the end of the month.

  • post on Instagram at 9 to 11 a.m.

smart iconThis timeframe generates the least return for pages; Because at this time, people are present at work or university and do not have time to check their Instagram!

So if you’re managing an Instagram page, try not to post anything during this time. Posting at this time is just a hassle for you, and it doesn’t do you any good.

  • post on Instagram at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

smart iconThis range varies from country to country, depending on the users of each page.

But in general, this is the time for employees and students to rest and have lunch, which can be considered a good opportunity to check the Instagram page. Also note that lunch time varies from country to country!

For example, in London, lunch time for students and staff is usually after 12 noon, and some people have lunch after 2 p.m.

Therefore, it is very important to know the customer’s personality during this period and it is not possible to determine the exact return for different businesses in general.

  • post on Instagram at 2 to 5 p.m.

vsmart iconThis period, like 9 to 11 in the morning, is not very productive; Because people go to class or work after lunch and rest and do not have free time to check Instagram.

So if you post on Instagram, the user interaction with your post is very low and you can’t get good feedback.

  • post on Instagram at 5 to 7 p.m.

smart iconDuring this time, users leave work or university and go home; They have free time on the way home and are usually tired! So they prefer to spend time on social media.

During this time many users are active and the chances of seeing the new post on Instagram pages are very high.

Of course, users’ fatigue may affect the interaction, but there is a certainty that your post will be seen a lot.

  • post on Instagram at 7 pm to 9 pm

smart iconDuring this time, users come home and prefer to relax a bit and then have dinner.

This is not a good time for employees or students to use Instagram, and they prefer to go after dinner.

  • post on Instagram at 9 to 1 night time

smart iconUsers are most active during this time and are getting their Instagram fully refreshed.

If you are planning to publish a post that you want to get very high feedback and turn your users into customers, this is exactly the time you need.

In the early hours of this period, users go to Instagram and you have a great chance to get the most feedback.

There may be less feedback in the final hours, but if you post, given that few pages publish their content after this hour, you will have a good chance of being seen by users visiting your page early in the morning.

The best time to post a video on Instagram

Previous time intervals are used for images, but if you are planning to publish a video, the best time to publish a video on Instagram is when users are at home!

Because users at work or at university can’t watch the video aloud, and their interaction is very low.

If you are planning to publish a video, the best time to publish a video on Instagram is between 9 and 1 pm, and you can get very good feedback from your users!

This is one of the reasons for videos that have hundreds of thousands of views, but their likes may not even reach 10,000.

publish a post on Instagram.

Introducing the tools for identifying the best time to publish a post on Instagram

Although the previous statistics are based on a survey of all Instagram users, but the customer’s personality may be different on your Instagram page.

The best way to identify the best time to post on Instagram is to analyze your Instagram page!

Using Instagram Analytics tools introduces you to the hours when users are most active.

It also helps you identify the best time to publish a post on Instagram by reviewing the timing of previous posts and the feedback you receive from them.

In this section, we will review some practical and useful tools in the field of the best time to publish a post on Instagram.

1- Use Instagram Insights

Do you manage a business page on Instagram? Great! You need to know that having a business page is the best Instagram analytics tool available to you!

Instagram insights is a free and practical tool for analyzing Instagram pages that you can use to fully analyze your Instagram page; One of the things you can do with this tool is to analyze the activity hours of users, which is the best time to publish a post on Instagram.

In the Instagram Page Analysis article, we have provided a complete tutorial on this tool.

If you are managing an Instagram business page, I suggest that you read this article and analyze your Instagram page.

The advantage of this tool compared to other tools is that it can be used in the same Instagram application, and you do not need to visit the site or install separate applications.


2- Hootsuite Analytics tool

Hootsuite Analytics is a very powerful tool for analyzing various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With this tool, you can identify the posts that have had the most interaction, know the geographic location of your users, and check user activity.

This tool gives you 30 days of free accounting on any plan you want, but then you have to pay for the plan for the next few months.


3- Union Metrics tool

Perhaps one of the most powerful tools you have for free is Union Metrics.

This tool helps you to identify the interaction between your users and your favorite posts.

You can also use this tool to get useful information about the hashtags used in your posts.

The most important feature of this tool is to review users’ activities and provide the best time to publish a post on Instagram.


4- Simply Measured Tools

Looking for a tool that allows you to analyze competitors’ pages in addition to analyzing your page?

We recommend using Simply Measured Tools!

This tool helps you by analyzing a simple user panel so that you can analyze your Instagram page and know the best time to publish a post on Instagram.

But the most important feature of this tool is the ability to analyze competitors’ pages and provide a complete report of them, which is very important in managing the Instagram page of businesses.

An important feature of this tool is the ability to calculate the health of your brand on social networks!

These tools take into account different factors and based on the review of the same factors on competitors’ pages, they guess the health of your brand and page; In addition to calculating brand health, it also offers you tips that you can use to increase your page interaction and ultimately your brand health.

5- Crowdfire tool

Looking for ideas on Instagram to generate content without your audience’s interest?

Crowdfire tools offer you content related to your business that users in that field are interested in!

Just sign up for this site and sign up for your Instagram account; By analyzing users, this tool tells you what content they are interested in that is relevant to the topic of your page!

It also provides other useful information such as page traffic, user activity and the best time to post on Instagram.

With this tool, you can publish your desired content automatically and at any time and spend less time managing your Instagram page.

6- Squarelovin tool

As someone who manages an Instagram page, do you need to report?

The free Squarelovin tool helps you to prepare various reports in the desired time intervals and provide them to the employer.

You can also compare your various reports with previous ones and get other valuable information such as user interaction, activity activity on your page, and so on.

The most important feature of this tool is to provide the best time to publish a post on Instagram and it also provides the worst time to publish a post; Knowing the worst time to post on Instagram, you will never post at that time!

Because the least interaction and feedback will happen to you and your efforts will be wasted.


It is important to know the best time to post on Instagram!

Publishing a post at this time means getting more feedback and interaction from users, and if you can publish your posts based on your page analysis, your business will grow in a short time.

If you are using other tools to analyze your Instagram page, tell us in the comments section to add to the article.

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