How Can I Analyze Instagram Pages with Insights tool

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Social Media has become a significant part of people’s lives during the last decade, and now, Instagram has overtaken many Social Media websites!

The success of Instagram may be attributed to the features it offers for its users.

On the other hand, Instagram has provided you with everything you might need for marketing your business.

Ever since the creation of Instagram amongst social media, many new tools and features have been added to it, which has made it so popular in many countries.

The possibility of Analyzing Instagram; the Most Important Reason Why Businesses Use Instagram

The first and most crucial issue for a business is to analyze the activities of its users; if a company fails to observe the data regarding its users’ movements, it is deemed to fall short! 

Business strategies and planning are based on user data, and without having precise statistics on users, a detailed and professional plan CANNOT be devised.

As a leading social network, Instagram has been able to provide businesses with such a highly accurate and professional tool, which allows companies to identify their active users on Instagram accurately.

This tool is called Insights on Instagram and is only happening on Business Profiles!

So if you need to use this tool, you must first convert your profile to a Business Profile, and you will then have access to this tool.

The Instagram Insights Tool for Instagram Analysis

The Instagram Insights tool is a practical tool for analyzing Instagram and User Behavior on your Business Page; in fact, it helps you obtain a great deal of information about your users and Followers.

Understand Instagram Analytics

Some of these points are as follows:

  • The possibility of viewing the number of Posts shared at different times
  • The possibility of viewing page visits during the last week with reports on their increase or decrease
  • The possibility of viewing the number of clicks on the Bio link
  • The possibility of viewing the number of clicks on the Direct Messaging or Contact buttons
  • The possibility of viewing how many of your posts have been saved
  • The possibility of accessing information beyond the number of views in the Story section
  • The possibility of viewing the geographical location of the majority of users
  • The possibility of adding links to Stories if you have over 10K Followers
  • The possibility of taking advantage of Instagram Sponsored Ads
  • The possibility for users to pay in dollars if they have an international account
  • The possibility of converting your Instagram Page to an Online Store

In fact, by using an Instagram Business Account, you can gain access to all this information at no cost and develop your business based on the obtained statistics!

In the rest of this article, we are intending on teaching you how to use the Instagram Insights tool and explain how to analyze Instagram.

Before taking any further actions, you need to make sure that your Instagram page is Public before you can convert it into a Business Page.

You can read the article on How to Have a Business Profile on Instagram? to learn all about creating a Business Account on Instagram.

How to Use the Instagram Insights Tool?


Useful Terms and Expressions for Using the Instagram Insights Tool

  • Impressions: Is referred to the number of times that a Post has been viewed; if a user views a Post twice, the number of views for that user will be 2.
  • Engagement: This term represents user interaction! In fact, it shows the total number of Likes, Comments, and Saves on a post and is very important for Instagram Marketing means. This section of Instagram Insights helps you identify the most popular posts on your Instagram page and later share Posts based on these interests.

Engagement = (Number if Likes + Number of Comments + Number of Saves) / Number of Total Visits * 100


  • Saved: This shows how many users have saved a Post; a higher number means that more users want to see that Post again. The number of times a photo is saved is also a very important factor in generating Instagram Posts; a higher number of saves on a photo means that more people want to see it again at a later time, and you can make your page more popular by generating Posts that have a higher number of saves.
  • Reach: Refers to the number of accounts and users that view your Posts; if a user views a certain Post 10 times, the relevant number will still remain as 1! Thus, the number of Impressions is always higher than Reach. This helps increase the number of real followers on Instagram and analyzing it is very important.
  • Like: This is the number of times users Like a Post; the more Likes a Post has, the more popular your page will become! You need to know that this part is less important than the Engagement section is but has a direct impact on its growth.

Now, to access this tool, simply login to your profile and click on its icon; you can see the Insights icon in the image below:


This section provides you with many statistics, each of which is important for different types of businesses. The first part shows the number of users who have visited your page and consists of two sections:

insights tool

  • Followers: This section shows the number of your Instagram Page Followers and also reports its increase or decrease during the last 7 days.
  • Posts: This section shows the number of posts on your Instagram Page and if you have shared or removed a Post within the last 7 days, the change in the number of Posts will also be reported.

Nothing is accidental on Instagram!

If the number of your users has decreased or increased or their interaction has changed, something must have happened to your business.

Therefore, the most important issue is your Followers’ interaction, and if there is a drop in the number of your Followers, this may reduce their interaction as well.

The changes reported to you on this page can be a warning indicator to your business and you should take them seriously.

Instagram Analysis, Complete and Precise Page Assessment (Instagram Insights)

This is one of the most important sections which is very significant for Instagram Businesses.

In this section, you can view the total number of visits to Instagram Posts and gain access to a report on an increase or decrease.

Instagram impressions

 It is good to have a high number of Post views only until it isn’t much higher than the number of Likes and Comments!

In fact, if the number of views on your Posts is high but there are fewer Comments and Likes, this means that the Engagement rate is low.

This indicates that your Posts may not be useful to users and do NOT get feedback from them.

Identifying the Gender, Age, and Geographic Location of Instagram Users

One of the most important types of data that can help businesses a lot is the Age of users!

In fact, you should provide users with Posts that best suit their interests, and identifying users’ age will help out greatly.

The Geographical Location of users is yet another important issue that you can use in order to decide upon your gatherings and conferences.

Users’ Gender is also important in providing useful Posts, and you can easily analyze your Instagram Profile Page using the Instagram Insights tool.

instagram impressions

  • Men: This section shows you the percentage of Male Followers.
  • Women: A percentage for the number of Female Followers is accessible here.
  • Age: In this section, you are provided with an age range of users.

If you manage a product sales page, knowing the Gender and Age of your users can help you provide them with the right products and increase the conversion rate of your page.

At the bottom of this image, a chart is available to you that lists the cities that your users visited your Posts from.

At What Time of Day are Instagram Users Most Active?

Increasing the amount of user engagement is one of the most important issues for any business; meaning that businesses are seeking to increase the number of Likes and Comments from users, and this requires devising a strategy for sharing Posts.

The important point is sharing Posts at a time in which the maximum number of users are active and this information varies for each individual Instagram Page.

The Instagram Insights feature provides you with this information regarding the past week:

instagram Insights

  • Days: This option shows the amount of activity users have had on a single day of the week; for instance, for some businesses, users have higher amounts of activity on weekends, and if the business only shares a few Posts, it’s best to be done on the weekend.
  • Hours: This section shows you how many users have been active at a given hour of a day; by knowing this information, you can share Posts at that certain hour and increase user engagement.

instagram-grow-iconThe information you get in the Instagram Insights section is very useful, but it’s interesting to know that you also gain access to more information when you convert your page into a Business Account. In fact, you have only analyzed your page in a general manner so far and there are two other very useful sections that we will discuss in the following.

Analyzing Instagram Posts

Instagram posts that include photos and videos can be analyzed after they are shared! In fact, you can see the number of Post views, the number of times Posts get saved, the source of Post views, etc. which are primarily available on Instagram.

To do this, simply select one of your posts and go to its page.

Once you enter this section, you will again see the Instagram Insights icon that will show you a page at the bottom of the screen when you click on it:


  • Like: In this section, you can see the number of Likes for each Post.
  • Comment: In this section, you can see the number of Comments for each Post.

The number of Likes and Comments are also available on a public or private Instagram page and there is no need to convert an account to a business page to gain access to this information, but there is some other useful information that we will discuss below.

  • Saved: One of the features available on Instagram is the possibility of saving Instagram Posts; meaning that if a user views a Post and enjoys it, they can save it by clicking on the Save Icon. In this section, you can see how many times an intended Post has been saved.
  • Profile Visits: This section shows the number of users who have viewed your profile after seeing your Post.
  • Follows: Some users follow your page after seeing your Posts! In this section, you can see the exact number of users who have followed you through an intended Post.
  • Discovery: This section provides you with other useful information and lets you know which users have seen your Post.


The first section indicates that what percentage of users who have viewed your Post was NOT on your Followers list.

  • Reach: In this section, you can see how many users have viewed your Post.
  • Impressions: In this section, you can see the number of views for an intended Post; the higher the number of views for your posts are, but the lower the amount of user interaction (Likes, Comments, and Saved Posts) is, means your users don’t enjoy you Posts much and you must revise them in order to obtain better feedback.
  • From Home: In this section, you can see the number of Posts viewed via the Instagram homepage; by analyzing this section, you can see the number of views your Followers have made.
  • From Profile: In this section, you can see the number of Posts visited via your Profile Page! This is usually when users share your page with others or go to your profile after viewing a post from your page and then view other Posts.
  • From Hashtags: In this section, you can see how many visits have been made via Instagram Hashtags. Hashtags are very important in social networks and Instagram has recently categorized Hashtags based on their popularity amongst users! This means you can easily show your Posts to a large number of users using Hashtags.
  • From Explore: In this section, the number of visits made via the Explore section on Instagram can be seen.
  • From Other: In this section, the number of visits made via other sources can be seen.

Analyzing Instagram Stories Using Hashtags

Instagram Stories are one of the most widely used features by users and may be used several times a day.

Analyzing this section is also very important and must not be overlooked; in this section, we intend on teaching you how to analyze your Instagram Stories in order to determine your users’ most favorable types of Stories.



This section is about user activities in the Story section of your profile.

  • Replies: Indicates the number of users who replied to your Story by sending a message. The more replies you get to your Story, the more popular that Story is, and if the amount of interaction is high, you will be able to generate similar content in the future.
  • Discovery: In this section, you can see the number of visits to your Stories.
  • Navigation: This section indicates the number of users that have kept their finger on your Story to see it a little longer.
  • Back: This section shows you the number of users who have tapped on the screen to view an earlier Story.
  • Forward: This section shows you the number of users that have tapped on the screen to see your next story.
  • Next Story: This section shows you the number of users that have tapped on the screen in order to see the next person’s Story.

Exited: This section shows you the number of users that have exited the Stories section after seeing your Story.

 Using the Instagram Insights Filter in the Story and Posts Section

One of the practical parts of Instagram Insights is the use of content filtering tools based on various factors!

In the Stories and Posts section, you can filter your content by Impressions, Reach, Exits, Replies, etc.

This section is for when you want to identify Posts with a high amount of engagement and popular Stories which many users have replied to.

This will help you generate and share Posts and Stories based on user interest; if you continue this trend, the amount of engagement on your page will increase in a short period of time and will ultimately help your business.


  • Impressions: This filter allows you to filter your Stories in varying periods of time and according to the number of visits.
  • Reach: This filter allows you to filter your Stories based on the number of users that have seen your Story.
  • Exits: This filter helps sort out Stories based on the number of users that have exited the Story.
  • Replies: This filter helps sort out Stories based on the number of users that have replied to each individual Story.

The Replies Filter is very significant and you can use it to figure out which Stories have had the highest number of replies and then produce future content based on the information.


Analyzing and assessing any sort of activity has always been very important! In fact, when you do something, it is the Work Analysis that indicates the result.

Businesses also need analysis and assessment to see the results of their work and to formulate better business strategies.

One of the issues that have turned Instagram into a good platform for Internet Businesses is its ability to analyze and assess information; in this article, we went over a thorough description of the Instagram Insights Tool that may be utilized in order to analyze Instagram Business Pages.

Do you also make use of Instagram for your business?

If you encounter a problem along the way, please feel free to let us know in the comments section and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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