How To Get Swipe Up Link Feature On Instagram Stories

If you are the manager of an online business, you must have a website in which you introduce your products or services. In fact, you must invite users and followers and persuade them to buy a product or service and this purpose is achieved through the internet and online. Of course, we do not mean that you can only sell your product through the website, but by using the website, you can make the shopping process easier for users and customers and ultimately, increase your sales greatly and have fun doing business online.

On the other hand, increasing the number of visitors to a website is one of the most important concerns of many users! If you are using Instagram, you must know that you are a part of one of the most important Online Marketing network in your country. Many online businesses use Instagram to introduce their products or services; and the reason for this is the large number of Instagram users which means you can easily get through to your business audience in your country.or even outside of your country.

instagram add link your story

Instagram provides you with great features to increase the inbound user traffic you receive and you can easily attract audiences (who are actually your followers!) to your website. One of these features is the possibility of adding Links to Instagram Stories, which allows you to redirect your users and followers directly from your Story to the intended website. If you’re also excited about how you can add a Link to an Instagram Story, follow along with this article.

Using the Feature which Allows you to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Adding Links to Instagram Stories helps businesses to transfer their users and followers directly to a specific page on their website. For instance, suppose you introduce your newest business product or service in a Story and want users and followers to buy it! By adding the Link to the purchase page of that product or service, you can direct users to that intended page and convert your users directly into potential customers. Instagram allows some of its accounts to add Links to Stories. These accounts have special features such as:

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story

  • Your Profile Page Must be a Business Page. If you are not familiar with Business Pages on Instagram, please read the full guide on Instagram Business Profiles!
  • Your Page Must Have Over 10,000 Followers.

If your Instagram page is a Business Page and you have over 10,000 followers, then this feature is available for you. If you have a lower number of followers, you can increase the number to as many as 10,000 followers using different ways and then use this feature. Of course, I suggest you use the right ways to attract true followers so that you can turn your target audience into your potential business customers; the chance of users who are not your target audience making a purchase is almost zero! So, only use methods that lead to an increase in the number of real and targeted followers.

How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story?

To add a Link, you just need to have the requirements mentioned above and follow three very simple steps. These 3 steps are:

  • First Step) Create Your Story!

First you have to log in to your Instagram profile and create a Story by taking a photo or using the photos or videos on your phone gallery by swiping the page up. After selecting the desired photo or video you will be taken to the next step in which you can add your intended Link.

  • Second Step) Add the Intended Link to the Instagram Story!

In this section, there is an icon that you can click on in order to add the intended Link. Clicking on this icon will take you through to another page:

Add the Intended Link to the Instagram Story

In the URL section, you can enter the page Link of your desire; note that this page better be related to your Story! For instance, if you have an image of a backpack in your Story and you have that product available in your store, you need to provide users with a Link that would allow them to buy it.

add link to stories

Your Story can also be about a tutorial shared on the website and you can share the page Link with users in your Story. After adding your website Link in this section, simply click on the tick located at the right-hand side and that Link will be added to your story.

active Swipe Up Link Stories

An Important Note! If Link analysis is important to you and you want to measure and asses the conversion rate, you must use a Link that you can analyze. For instance, you can use Google Analytics Service Links or the Bitly Website to see how many users have clicked on the Instagram Story Link.

Once you have added a Link correctly, the background of the icon for that Link will change to white, indicating that there is a Link in your Story. You should also note that you can only place one Link in each Story, and if you intend on adding multiple Links, then you must create multiple Stories.

  • Third Step) Add Other Details to Your Story!

In the next step, you can add other details such as text or stickers to your Story. If your Link is important and you want a high conversion rate, I suggest telling your users and followers why they should click on the Link in the Instagram Story. For instance, you can tell them to click on the Link for more information or to that they can be directed to your website by clicking on See More. Pay attention to the image below:

Feature of a Story Link to Increase the Click Rate on Instagram

In this image, the feature that allows users to add a Link to a Story on Instagram has been used but many users may not see it! Especially if the background color of your image is light (for example white), the See more option intended for users to click on in the Story is not visible. Using a CTA button such as “Click for More Information” helps users to know that there is a Link in this Story and greatly increases the number of clicks for that Link.

How to Use the Feature of a Story Link to Increase the Click Rate on Instagram?

Even though Instagram is a very popular social networking site and is used by many marketers, it still does not have full potential and tools for marketers. For instance, adding clickable Links to Instagram Posts can be very useful, but unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram still doesn’t support this feature.

At present, marketers only have two sections in which they can add a Link to:

  1. A Bio Link in the Users Profile
  2. A Link in an Instagram Story

The first section is just a Link and it can’t always change! Because it would waste a lot of the business manager’s time and few users will click on it. A Link in an Instagram Story is a little bit better; in this case, you can place Links to each Story so users can easily click on them! For instance, suppose you want to make a Link to a Post accessible to users and followers. Simply move your Post to the Stories section by using the Sharing Posts in an Instagram Story feature and copy & paste the intended Link in that story.

Approaches in Way of Increasing the Link Click Rate in Instagram Stories

One of the common mistakes that marketers make on Instagram is using Links in Instagram Stories too much, which can greatly reduce the Link Click Rate. Marketers should only add Links to important Stories and only on instances when these Links would be useful and valuable to users & followers. Here are some valuable and creative strategies that you can apply in order to increase the Click Rate of your Story Links:

  1. Leading Users & Followers Towards New Posts on the Website

One of the most valuable Links that is also useful for users & followers is the New Posts Link! You can redirect many users to your website by sharing the Links that would lead users to your posts in Stories. If you can produce content that would attracts users, your Click Rate will dramatically increase; you should also bear in mind that the way in which you distribute content and asking your users & followers to read that Post is important. If you can’t present the Post well, few users will click on the Story Link.

Increasing the Link Click Rate in Instagram Stories

You can also share a fun, professional Post about your weblog Post on your Instagram page so that users and followers who see the Posts on Instagram can also use that Post on your weblog. In your Post, you can tell users and followers that your website’s Post Link is clickable in the Story section and they can easily access read the content you want. Another important issue is that the caption description should actually be a brief summary of the content generated on the website so that users knows what the content contains!

  1. Placing a Link in an Instagram Story in Order to View a Video or a Full Educational Tutorial

Some Stories contain valuable & useful content, but the Story time length is short to see it completely. Now, thanks to IGTV on Instagram, you can easily upload your lengthy videos, but there are still some limitations!

Placing a Link in an Instagram Story in Order to View a Video

If your video is complete or you intend on giving users a comprehensive training course, just post a very brief video introducing the training course and ask users to use the Story Link to see more or participate in that training course. This will help you increase your Link’s Click Rate! Of course, this matter depends entirely on the type of video and content you provide in the Story, but if you can provide users with good content, your Click Rate will dramatically increase.

  1. Sharing Unique Content Such as the Results of a Competition on Your Website

If you organize and hold competitions on your page that users are very interested in knowing the name of the person who wins, then you have a very positive advantage in your hands. Simply enter the winners’ names in a Post related to the website, and share it in a Story asking users to click on the Story to see the winners’ names and be directed to your page. Users are very interested in knowing the names of the winners and to know whether they have won or not! You can greatly increase your inbound user traffic in this way.

How To Get Swipe Up Link Feature On Instagram stories

Of course, some users call and see this as a kind of abuse, but because of the benefits it may have for users, it never discourages users from your business and brand, and you can easily use this method to add Link to Instagram Stories.

  1. Advertising the Products or Services Related to Your Business

Instagram is a great network that can be used for advertising your products or services! Especially if you have a large number of followers, you can easily experience and achieve good sales. If you have a product or service available on your website and you want to market it through Instagram, just add the Link to that product’s or service’s purchase page in a Story that contains images and descriptions of that product or service. Users will be able to read the product information and then log into your website if they need to make a purchase. Of course, you should note that the product should not be over-advertised! The users and followers on your Instagram page are looking for valuable and useful content, and if you constantly promote or advertise your product, you will lose a lot of real followers after some time.

So your first priority should be to provide users with useful information and then you can promote your products or services. If most of your Links provide useful and valuable content to the user, the user will not feel that he or she will be redirected to a purchase page every time they click on a Story Links. Thus, you are always trusted and this will not only affect your Click Rate, but also increase your sales rate. If you want to experience a successful sales for your new products or services, follow the provided tips and just go ahead and provide valuable information to users and followers. Among your valuable content you can also promote and advertise your new product or service and increase your sales.

How To Get Swipe Up On Instagram Without 10k Followers By IGTV

The best thing about IGTV is that you can link to an external source within your description! Once your IGTV is published you can link to it from your stories, meaning you can reuse your evergreen video content time and again via stories, giving your followers more opportunities to click onto the external links within the video description.


Using Links in Instagram Stories helps Instagram pages to provide users with important pages of their website such as a Product Purchase Page. If the content of your page is valuable, you can easily introduce your products or services and achieve a great sales experience. In this article, we have provided some important tips that you can easily implement in order to increase your Click Rate.

Now You Tell Us! If you are the administrator of a Business Page; in your opinion, what Links are valuable & useful to users and followers? Please share your opinions and experiences with us and with other users in the Comments Section.

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