How to Add Custom Locations on Instagram

Until only a few years ago, if you wanted to share a photo accompanied with a desired location, you could easily have added a name, even names of locations that were not real and were nowhere o be found in the world. After Instagram was acquired by Facebook, changes were made to the application and we could no longer add our favorite locations on the Instagram social networking application. This caused problems when adding Instagram locations because there were no locations in the Instagram location section. Now you have the opportunity to add your favorite desired location to Instagram using Facebook. To do so, your Instagram account must be linked to your Facebook page. In this article, we are going to teach you how to add custom locations so you can customize the location of your Posts! If you agree, let’s take a closer look into this matter.

Adding a desired location on Instagram

Adding a custom location is easily done through 4 steps! These 4 steps are:

Adding a desired location on Instagram

First Step) Linking Facebook to Instagram

This is usually used for Instagram Business Pages; to add your desired location on Instagram, you first need to link your account to Facebook. To do this, log in to your Instagram profile and choose Linked Accounts from the Settings section.

Linking Facebook to Instagram

By entering this section, you can link your Instagram page to different social networks. Our intention here is to connect Instagram to Facebook! So we will choose Facebook to move on to the next section:

Linking Facebook to Instagram

In this section, just type in your Facebook information to enter it. As simply as this, you can connect your Instagram account to Facebook and then follow the next part of the tutorial.

Second Step) Adding a desired location on Facebook

At this point, you need to login to the application or Facebook website to choose your preferred location. After logging into Facebook, in the Create New Post section, just click on Checked-in:

Adding a desired location on Facebook

However, be sure to have your phone’s or laptop’s location feature turned on so you can use this feature. After entering this section, you must enter the name of your desired location!

Adding a desired location on Facebook

If you find a location in the search box, then you are very lucky; because you can easily use it as your desired location on Instagram! If you find locations using the search feature but you do not like them, you can sole the problem with a little creativity. For instance, instead of using Coffee, you can choose Coffee Official and then register your location. This is useful for times at which you intend on attracting users’ attentions and using a more specific location.

Adding a desired location on Facebook an instagram

To add your desired location, you first need to register that location on Facebook! After searching for the desired location, the Add option will be displayed and by selecting it, the desired location will be added to Facebook.

Third Step) Use a desired location on Instagram!

The final step is the one in which you can use the desired location in your Instagram and its Posts. After completing the previous two steps, just log in to Instagram and open the Post section. Follow the steps required to share a Post to the final step in which the location should be registered:

Use a desired location on Instagram!

In this section, you can click on Location and add the same location you have registered on Facebook. If you’re having trouble selecting your favorite location on Instagram, here are 4 ways to resolve the matter:


  • First Solution) Sometimes, Instagram and Facebook DO NOT allow you to pick locations that are too far away! So select multiple nearby locations first and then search for the desired location that you’ve added on Facebook. Some users have reported that the location was first displayed but then disappeared. Do this several times in order to add the desired location to your Instagram profile. If that doesn’t work, go for the next solution!
  • Second Solution) Sometimes, your intended location is NOT accepted by Facebook and Instagram! In the past, many users used the phrase “Just for Fun” in the location section, and now these two social networks are sensitive to such category of words used in the location section. You can use better and more realistic categories to prevent this from happening! For instance, the word Home is more rational than the previous phrase, and most probably, Instagram won’t have any problems with it.
  • Third Solution) Search for your intended location several times! When you add a new location, it may not appear on Instagram for a while! To solve this issue, you can search for your intended location multiple times on Instagram in order to find it. If you still can’t find the desired location, you can re-register the location on Facebook and then use the desired location on your Instagram profile page. I suggest you try this step a few times, as you are very likely to achieve the required results.
  • Fourth Solution) Share a Post on Facebook accompanied by the desired location! Another thing that helps to display your intended location is using the newly registered location on Facebook Posts. Create a Post on Facebook and add the desired location you want to use on Instagram to the same Post. Then go to your Instagram profile and post a Post with your intended location! This method usually works, but there have still been users who haven’t obtained the necessary results.

By implementing the 3 solutions outlined above, you have a pretty good chance of being able to add your desired location, but if these methods don’t yield in any results, then your desired location name probably includes a word that Instagram and Facebook DO NOT count as a location. Just change the word for your desired location and re-register it on Facebook.


Using the Instagram location feature helps different pages to supply users with more information. Many businesses will also have to post related to conferences or gatherings accompanied by a location to let users know which city or region the event is going to be held in! Sometimes, these areas or regions aren’t available on Instagram, so a customized personal location should be used to Instagram and this feature is of great value to Business Pages. In this article, we have thoroughly discussed how you can add a desired location to Instagram Posts!

Now you tell us! Do you know any other solutions that would allow users to add a desired location? You can share your experiences, questions and solutions with us in the Comments section.

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