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charachterHave you ever wondered why social networks were created in the first place? A very large number of users are currently active on social networks and each individual is pursuing a different aim. In the past, social networks were used to establish a connection between users but nowadays, they have many other applications too. For instance, Internet Business Pages use social networks to stay in touch with users and Instagram is the biggest and most important social network for doing so. One of the very practical capabilities that Instagram Business Pages provide is the capability of activating the Call Button on Instagram. You have already come across pages that have different Action Buttons such as Call, SMS, Purchase etc. in the profile section of the page! Are you intending on adding Action Buttons to your profile? Follow us along in this article as we fully discuss this feature on Instagram.

What is a Call Button on Instagram?

The Call Button is one of the Action Buttons on Instagram that you can use to provide users with a variety of functions such as sending SMSs, sending Emails, making purchases from the website etc. For instance, suppose that you have created a Business page on Instagram for it and that this page is commercial. Many of your users may have questions or enquiries about the products or services that you offer and you must be looking for ways to allow users to get in touch with you! Action Buttons such as the Call Button on Instagram help you to create the perfect means for users to get in touch with you with only a single click. There are currently a number of different Action Buttons available on Instagram and you can choose the right one or ones according to your specific needs. Some of these Actions Button are as follows:

What is a Call Button on Instagram

  • The Call Button on Instagram: By using this Action Button, you can add a contact number in the settings of the Call Button to be displayed on your profile. If a user clicks on the Call Button, your contact number will appear on their dial pad (if they are logged onto Instagram using their cell phone) and they can instantly make a voice call with you.
  • The SMS Button: This button allows you to add your contact number on Instagram and users will be able to send you Text Messages by clicking on it.
  • The Direct Button: By clicking on this Action Button, the user is led to the Direct Messaging section of your profile and will be able to send you a direct PM (Private Message).
  • The Send an Email Button: If you want users to get in touch with you via Email, all you need to do is enter your Email address in the Action Buttons’ settings section so users can be directed to their Email App and send you an Email.
  • And dozens of other buttons such as: Book, Buy Tickets, Start Order, Reserve etc. that can be used to lead users to certain sections on your website.

You are permitted to display up to 3 Action Buttons to users on Instagram! I suggest that you provide users with two simple ways of getting in touch with you; the easiest of which is probably the Direct Messaging option. Of course there may be users who would prefer to make voice calls instead of writing messages and get consultation or advice from you. So our suggestion is that you choose the Call Button as your second method of getting in touch and always (within your working hours) be available and prepared to answer calls made by users.

How to Add the Call Button to Our Profile on Instagram?

In order to add the Call Button to your profile on Instagram, simply enter your profile page and click on the Edit Profile tab to enter the Edit section of your profile. If your Page is a Business one, an option called Contact Options will be displayed at the bottom of the page. By clicking on it, you can activate the Call Button feature on Instagram. Three options are available in this section:

How to Add the Call Button to Our Profile on Instagram

  • Email Address: You can add your Email address in this section for the Email Button to be displayed on your profile.
  • Phone Number: If you want the Call Button to be displayed on your profile, simply enter your phone number in this section.
  • Address: You can enter the address of your company or office in this section for it to displayed on your profile.
  • Add an Action Button: Action Buttons have many applications which is why there are so many of them. By entering this section, you will be able to see different Action Buttons and choose the one or ones that best fit your demand! For instance, if you run a company that sells tickets, you can activate the Reserve Ticket feature and direct users to your website. This helps users save time in the process of making reservations and will greatly help increase your business sales rate. Bear in mind that these buttons are only textual and you must enter your intended Page Link in the next step. For instance, in this section we have selected the Acuity Scheduling button. We then click on Next:

How to Add the Call Button on Instagram

You must enter the intended page address (URL) in this section in order for a user to be directed straight to that address if they enter your profile and click on this Action Button.

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How to Remove the Call Button on Instagram?

Placing a Call Button on your profile is great! Because users can easily contact your business staff and experts. However, these buttons can sometimes create problems; for instance, suppose that you have a Business Page and want to switch it back to a Private Page. This being the case, you page will no longer be related to a business and there will be no need for mentioning a contact number; but you have already added a contact number in the Edit section of your profile and Instagram will still display this number to users. If you need to remove a contact number on Instagram, simply enter the Edit section of your profile and delete your number from the Phone Number section (mentioned above); you can also remove an Email address by removing an existing Email address form the Email field. Sometimes users need to change an Action Button; to do so, select the intended Action Button in the Add an Action Button section. You can use the existing Link or update it too if need be.

How to Remove the Call Button on Instagram

You can use the Remove Action Button option (as shown in the image above), to deactivate a certain Action Button. You must finally Save the changes made in your settings and review your profile in order to make sure that the intended changes have been applied.

Just Like the Call Button, Action Buttons Have a Great Impact on Businesses on Instagram!

You might be under the impression that Action Buttons are only intended for the benefit of users; because they can easily get in touch with you whenever they want. For instance, if you are outside your working hours, are offline or don’t answer their direct messages, they can easily call you on your cell phone (if you have added it to your profile). In other words, users will be able to contact you any time of the day or night and outside your working hours and ask you for help. You must know that Action Buttons not only benefit users but are great for you too! In fact, these Action Buttons, such as the Call Button on Instagram greatly help increase users’ trust. An increased level of user trust ultimately means an increased amount of business sales and branding. The more your brand is known amongst users, the more users will trust you and your business and the more purchases they will make. On the other hand, Action Buttons direct a good deal of user traffic from your Instagram page to your website and you can attract more users this way. Of course, all these depend on how you use your profile and the Action Buttons and you must be very creative in doing so! In this section, we intend on discussing a few approaches that help increase the Conversion Rate of Action Buttons on Instagram.

Action Buttons Have a Great Impact on Businesses on Instagram

Some of these approaches are:

  • Introducing the Action Buttons in Posts: in order to increase the Conversion Rate of Action Buttons or the Call Button on Instagram, you must inform users about them! For instance, if you have shared a Post about reserving tickets for a conference, all you need to do is tell users that they can easily make reservations by visiting your profile page and clicking on the Reserve Ticket Action Button.
  • Introducing the Action Buttons in Stories: If you are one of the users that is fully aware of the power and impact of Stories, you must definitely be using Stories on a daily basis to market your business products or services. One of the best ways in way of increasing the Conversion Rate of Action Buttons such as the Call Button on Instagram is introducing and teaching them through Stories. For instance, tell your users that if they need consultation or need to have their questions answered, all they’d need to do is to enter your profile and ask you their questions in the Directs section.
  • Providing Explanations About Your Action Buttons in the Bio Section of Your Profile: Many users do NOT know how to use Action Buttons. Therefore, you must provide them with a very brief tutorial on using Action Buttons. For instance, if you have used the Call Button on Instagram, I suggest that you write a text in the Bio section of your profile to show users that they can have their questions and inquiries answered by clicking on this Action Button.
  • Providing Users with Discount Codes for Their Reservations: if you intend on directly selling conference, travel, vacation etc. tickets on Instagram, you can easily use Action Buttons related to making reservations by adding your intended Link (URL). You can also offer discounts to users; for instance, you can tell users who intend on joining you via Instagram that by using the Action Buttons (for instance the Reserve Button) they will receive a 20% Make sure to create the Link for this button in such a manner that the 20% discount will be applied to that user’s reservation. You can also provide users with a Discount Code in a Story and ask users to use it when they are making a reservation.

Analyze the Conversion Rate of Your Action Buttons!

Some Action Buttons are more beneficiary for users than others; for instance, the Call Button on Instagram is for creating a connection between the users and you and is very useful for them! Although it is indirectly useful for your business too, but it will initially benefit the users most; because they will be able to get the answer to their questions and inquiries directly and free of charge from you. But there are certain Action Buttons on Instagram that are very important to Business Managers and must be carefully measured and analyzed! For instance, if you have added a Link for reserving tickets in an Action Button, you must ask yourself these questions:

Analyze the Conversion Rate of Your Action Buttons

  • How many clicks have made done on this Action Button?
  • If the number of clicks is high, what is the reason behind it?
  • If the number of clicks is low, what difficulty / difficulties were users faced with in the process of making a reservation?
  • Finally, how many of the users who have clicked on the Action Button have ACTUALLY bought a ticket?

And dozens of other question; the answers of which can only be obtained by analyzing Instagram and the Action Buttons that have been used. The simplest way for analyzing Action Buttons is using a Link Shortener. But this tool has many limitations; for instance, you can NOT know at which stage users have left the process of reserving a ticket! For a better analysis, you can use the Google Analytics Tool on your website and Instagram page and find out at which step of making a ticket reservation you have had the biggest number of user loss! Then you can seek the existing problem / problems and solve them. Of course if your intention is selling tickets, the website will greatly help you with this regard! In fact, this tool has been developed precisely for the purpose of analyzing ticket sales and you can pursue the various steps of selling tickets to users by using it. You can also make use of the Instagram Insights Tool to find out and analyze the number of clicks made on the Call Button or any other Action Button such as the Email Button on Instagram and assess the number of clicks.

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Using Action Buttons helps your Followers to contact you more easily! For instance, suppose that a user wants to call you; if they have to find your contact number on your website, they must spend a lot of time looking for it. But by using the Call Button on Instagram, which is one of the available Action Buttons, they can call you with only a Single Click and they will ultimately feel more satisfied about your business. In this article, we taught you how to make use of Action Buttons on Instagram so that you can provide users with your reserve services in only a few seconds.

Now You Tell Us! What effect do YOU think Action Buttons have on increasing the amount of user interaction? As the administrator of an Instagram page, which Action Buttons do YOU use and what are the advantages of these Action Buttons? Share your experiences with us and other users in the Comments section.

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