8 Golden Tips That Increase The Architecture Account On Instagram

The architecture should learn how to increase the business’s popularity and an Instagram account about it.

Instagram the king of social media that has more than one billiard user, is the best choice for starting.

Because of the visual content that Instagram has, it is suitable for sharing attractive architectural photos.

Also, we can say that Instagram is the best choice for wonderful advertisings and help to create the business brand, and these cause the strength trustworthiness.

So there is such an important question:

How can we use Instagram as an effective tool for architectural advertising?

The professional companies that have activities in the field of architecture are aware of the importance of social media, especially Instagram, and share it with all who want to learn.

So eight important tips are so necessary for architectures that want to increase their popularity among the users.

We invite you to read this article up to the end and learn the initial and vital tips to start!


How to use Instagram to improve our architecture services?

First: Create a professional profile.

In the first step, the architecture should have a business and professional account on Instagram.

By this act, Instagram provides the user more possibilities:

  • You can analyze your account; you can easily see your followers activities such as likes, comments, shares, and it also saves
  • You can use Instagram advertising; Facebook creates these ads, and you can use all of Facebook’s opportunities.
  • You can add a link to Instagram stories; having a business profile means adding links to your stories.
  • You can be such important by business account; if you have a professional account on Instagram, the users are getting you serious, showing you so special.

As a result, a business account is an important and safe way to have potential customers.

Second: Customize a profile.

If a customer needs architecture services and wants to call an expert in this field and cannot find any information about you, what happens?

It means that you lost your customer, and they find another company to connect with.

Now you should just do:

  • So if you want to have an Instagram page that can increase your interaction with your followers, it is necessary to customize your account and fill in all the details.
  • The architecture should have a professional logo, and this logo should be a summary of your company with the links that add it below. 

If you do these completely, the customer is one click away from you.

Third: Knowing when to post is essential.

The posts should share when the followers are more active on Instagram.

So you should know the exact time of followers’ activities. Analyze the users’ activities; you can do this by Insight, the Instagram best feature that helps you know your audience so easily.

With this feature, you can find the best time to share the post on Instagram, and this causes your followers to increase and interact with them.

Usually, followers use Instagram at lunch and dinner time. But this view is not for all users.

So as an architect, you should share your post at different times until finding the best and right time in the end.


Forth: Use the appropriate hashtags.

Hashtags are the most important factors to attract followers to watch the architect’s works.

There some examples about these hashtags:

  • #art
  • #interiordesign
  • #architecture
  • #buildings
  • #design
  • #Architecturephotography
  • #interior
  • #archilovers
  • #construction
  • #archi

For adding the hashtags, you should use the # sign to enter the related name you want.

There are lots of hashtags that you can use, but it is better to locate 2 or 3 hashtags under your post.

You should pay attention that the hashtag and your photo should be related.

Fifth: Instagram Stories can be useful.

Instagram is the best platform for architecture and presents such beneficial features and helps you increase your followers and improve your business. Instagram story features.

Story help users to share their photos, videos, and texts that be hidden in 24 hours but point to the important tips for your followers.

This feature also is another tool to knowing your audience and connects with them.

The architecture can use hashtags in different names such as place, polls, questions, music, etc.

By adding them to your stories, indeed, you add some advantages to your content.

Adding the place of your company or the hashtag relate to your activity can attract more audience.

For example, architectures can have polls with this topic that “tell us about the project that your work”.

By this method, you can understand your audience’s style.

Sixth: Post-3D renderings to make your profile stand out.

Instagram is social media that is used by all people all around the world. They use it to share photos and videos.

For architecture, it is necessary to use high-quality photos or videos, and for achieving success, they should share daily and regularly.

Sometimes it happens that as architecture, you do not have enough things to share.

Now it is the turn of 3D renderings. If you have the project, you can show its future and provide the video from its finishing model.

The CGI studio is necessary for every architecture at this time.


Seventh: Keep in touch with your audience

Instagram is a social app that is not just for sharing photos and videos; everyone who wants to be successful in their business and attract most followers should know how to connect with followers and interact with them.

So architectures should check the messages and comments regularly, politely, and quickly.

Eighth: Demonstrate what occurs behind the scenes.

Everyone who chooses to have an activity in the architecture case wants to know how to start it.

They want to learn how famous architects do their projects. To showcase the work processes of the company and share them on Instagram is the most important step.

This causes the followers to connect with the company and keep up to date with the works.

Remember that these steps are professional and help you to improve your business.


In the end,

As we said above, Instagram is a good and golden opportunity for all businesses, especially architectures who want to grow their business and connect with more audiences.

Also, this popular app is an ideal platform for raising awareness in the case of business.

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