88 %
of instagram users are outside the U.S.
71 %
of Instagram users around the globe are under the age of 35
80 %
increase, year-by-year, for videos
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Learning everything about Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most popular social media within more than 2 billion users all around the world. Instagram has an important effect on businesses that have the page in this media and can introduce and sell their products easily and increase...

April 5th, 2021
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Instagram Icon & Change It for Android & iOS

Introduction Instagram is a famous application for sharing photos and videos all around the world. Instagram is a Social Media that you can share your photos and videos with others. Instagram’s icon is one the important characteristic of identity....

March 31st, 2021
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The Most Popular Instagram Pages in the World

Instagram is one of the popular social media among users all around the world. By this media, the followers of famous person can find them easily and connect with them and see their photos and comments. Usually, singers, football players, and actors...

March 28th, 2021
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Corona-virus & The growth of Instagram

It was almost a few years ago that the world was affected by the Coronavirus and most of the people getting infected by this virus and also some of them died. Home quarantine, restrictions, and Regular hand washing were the first factors to reduce...

March 28th, 2021
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Important Tips About Instagram That Every One Should Know

Instagram is one of the powerful Social Media for interaction with your audience. If you want to start your Instagram, so read this article. Activity and content creating has special rules that everyone who has Instagram should know about them. At...

March 17th, 2021
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Applications for Recognize Instagram profile visits

These days the Instagram is one of the popular Social Media for sharing photos and videos and the reason is the attractive features and abilities. All the users like to understand who visits their Instagram page. Who visits my Instagram page? One of...

March 16th, 2021
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The Most Important Tips for Instagram Advertising

When Instagram merged with Facebook’s platform, Instagram ads become an important factor in the development of a business. If you have not yet advertised on Instagram, you have certainly missed out on great opportunities. Instagram is the largest...

March 6th, 2021
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13 Top Ideas to Earn Money from Instagram

In this article, we gathered the best money-making ideas that are successful. As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media all around the world. For this reason, many people in the world work on Instagram and their number is increasing...

March 3rd, 2021